Yorkie Cage – Nest In The House Or Nightly Terror Of Your Pet?

Yorkie Cage

Many are scared away by the prospect of their Yorkshire Terrier being kept in a cage. However, not every owner of this little miracle thinks over the pros and cons of this way of keeping the pet at home. Let’s figure out what are the advantages of using Yorkie cages.

Have a large apartment, great repairs, parquet on the floor and do not want this to be damaged? Worry about what your tailed buddy is doing and what can happen while you are not at home? Then you really have to buy a cage that will protect your pet from injury, your wallpapers from being torn, and your shoes, furniture and wires from being chewed on.

The Yorkshire Terriers more often than not strive to get into your bed at night. Do you think this is unacceptable both for you and for your pet? Then try to set up for your companion his own little house in your bedroom. Thus, you will pamper your pet with a beautiful shelter for sleeping, and also create hygienic conditions for yourself and all members of your family.

Still, whatever one may say, the dog goes outside for a walk, and particles of dust, debris, and even small insects are collected on his coat. All this dog later carries to the owner’s bed. Therefore, a beautiful cozy cage will not be superfluous for your prince or princess.

So, let’s figure out: what other advantages of this accessory are, what types of cages for Yorkies exist (in size and material), which one to select, and how to help your little friend to get used to it.

Why Cage For Yorkie Is So Necessary

Such a shelter for the Yorkshire Terrier plays a great role in the process of education and training of your pet:

  • Firstly, a dog that will sleep in such a “house” will have a sense of security. It is important while forming a dog’s good character.
  • Secondly, with the help of such a cozy lair you can sooner accustom your York to going to the toilet only in the place specifically equipped for this. That is, if you close your pet for the night in his cage, he will wake you up when he wants to use the toilet.
  • Thirdly, a dog with such a shelter will not wander at night in a dark room and will not scare you.
  • And finally, for several hours while you are shopping, or being at work, your pet can be in his cozy “house”, safe and sound.

Yorkie Cages Options

As a rule, cages for dogs are made of plastic and metal. For air travel, plastic ones are recommended. In all other cases – steel wire products are preferable. Metal cages are better ventilated and provide a good overview, which is very important at the stage of the puppy getting used to it. Steel ones can be chromed, galvanized or painted. There are also portable folding tent and special bags, but they are recommended to be used outside the house only for calm animals.

Yorkie Metal Cages

metal cages for yorkie

Classic, all-purpose option. They are very popular, 90% of dog handlers use this type of cages. Advantages: they are folded in a flat case, durable, inedible, easy to clean. Each cage has a plastic tray that can be easily removed and rinsed. The doors of such cages are usually made on both sides, which is very convenient. It can be placed against the wall on either side. Because the cage when folded takes up very little space, they are almost always bought for trips with a long stay at the destination.

The next situation when you may need this kind of accessory is picnics and outdoor events. To sit quietly in nature, enjoying a juicy barbecue, and not chasing your pet, take a spacious cage with you. In it, the dog will feel free, while giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor rest with pets.

Disadvantages: their large weight. On average, such a cage weighs from 7 to 15 kg. They are not suitable for long-term manual transportation. If you are traveling with a dog on a train and there is no one to carry the cage except for you, choose another option. It is noisy. Some dogs are very restless, constantly spinning, and metal rods are quite rattling. This can scare the dog, and you are likely to get bored.

Yorkie Plastic Carriers

Yorkie plastic carriersA great option for transportation in the car, by plane and for the home usage. They are lightweight, have solid walls (with slots for ventilation), which creates greater comfort for the dog, and are durable. You can choose the variant with wheels and a handle for easy transportation. Also suitable for exhibitions, it is easy to bring it into the hall.

Disadvantage: it is folded in halves, one into the other, and takes up significant space during storage. Thus, it is most likely that you cannot take such cage with you on a train.


Fabric Cage Tents Or Bags

Fabric cage tents or bags

Also a very good choice. It is beautiful, light, folds into a completely flat square, dense (dogs love these houses). With many tricks: pockets, windows, bottle holders. They are most often purchased for home use and exhibitions. It is especially relevant for transportation by plane, when every kilogram of weight is important. In addition, putting York in a special bag, you can easily go shopping in the company of your lovely pet.

Disadvantages: they cannot be used as a carry; active dogs can easily tear the wall apart. Therefore, you should not leave the animal in them without attention for a long time.

Wooden Cages

Wooden cages


This is a home-only choice. Beautiful, luxurious cages, they can fit into almost any interior. If home aesthetics are crucial, this option is right for you.

Disadvantages: high price, fragile material (but a cage with internal metal coatings can be made to order).




Size Classification Of Cages For Dogs

When choosing the cage, you should pay attention to your tailed buddy weight. In our article, we will consider MidWest products. Please note that the cage sizes given in this article are for informational purposes only and may be revised by the manufacturer without any notice.

Size Length Width Height Maximum Pet Weight
22-INCH 22 inch 13 inch 16 inch 10 lbs
24-INCH 24 inch 18 inch 19 inch 25 lbs
30-INCH 30 inch 21 inch 24 inch 40 lbs
36-INCH 36 inch 24 inch 27 inch 70 lbs
42-INCH 42 inch 28 inch 31 inch 90 lbs
48-INCH 48 inch 30 inch 33 inch 110 lbs


Also, pay attention that sizes may vary from different manufacturers by a few inches. These samples are advisory in nature and can be adjusted depending on your needs and the individual characteristics of your pet.

For instance, if you want to use the Yorkshire Terrier cage in the apartment, buy it one size or two more than the advised one, so that the dog has more space to play and rest. If you plan to use the accessory for transportation purposes, it is better to take it “size to size” so that the York is not thrown from side to side.

For a puppy, it is worth taking a cage for growth, because when the pet gets bigger, this accessory may come in handy in many life situations, such as moving to other housing, repairs, unexpected guests with small children, etc.


Tips How to Accustom Pet to a New Shelter

  • Bringing the cage home, place it in the bedroom, closer to the bed of beloved owner. Invite your pet to get acquainted with the product and in no case scare him if he begins to sniff the cage. Do not make sharp sounds or sudden movements. Praise your little buddy.
  • Later offer the doggie something tasty in his bowl, but put it in a new shelter. The animal must understand that the cage carries no threat.
  • When York gets a little used to the new house, lay a cozy soft pillow there. On top of the cage, throw a nice bunny or a kind of curtain. You can use all sorts of bows, beads and other decorations to make the dog’s house more cozy and inviting.

Remember, with a certain amount of patience and love, you and your pet can achieve excellent results. Soon your Yorkshire Terrier will boldly drop by his house for a comfortable day and night sleep. There he will feel warm, cozy and comfortable.

And may a good mood never leave you and your York.

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