Select cages for traveling with dogs. Detailed guide

Dog travel cagesDog travel cages (also sometimes called dog crates), are essentially enclosures made of materials like metal, wire, plastic or fabric in which canines are kept for transportation or travel as the case may be. Dog travel cages come in several variations with differing flavours. Several factors come into play when you are faced with the choice of selecting a dog travel cage that is not only appropriate but also suitable. These include cost, durability, portability, safety, style, types (categories), sizes, colours, material, and wire thickness.


The following are categories of dog crates listed below with their key features that serve to describe them in more detail viz:

Plastic Dog Crates

When you want to embark on a long journey using road or rail vehicles you would need a suitable dog crate. The ideal choice in cases like this are plastic dog crates. They are designed to compensate for motion of the conveying vehicle (whether car or train) and are lightweight.

  • Dog Crate Length Under 25 Inches

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  • Dog Crate Length, 25-34 Inches

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These kind of dog crates are specifically crafted to absorb and protect, against shocks that may occur as a result of vehicular movement and are proof to dog bites. The grip must be sturdy enough to bear the weight of an averagely sized large dog. Considering averages, a 30 inch dog crate would serve admirably.

You must verify that the dog crate comes adequately equipped with enough ventilation spaces to ensure the dog’s breathing is not hampered in any way. Plastic dog crates usually meet airline travel requirements which is an added bonus to its many.

Metal Dog Crates

These category of dog cages are best when thinking in terms of safety and security for your dogs. They usually come designed with wired sides so you can pat your dog to express your affection (as children are wont to do), and it also allows you feed your pet with treats. Also, because of the wire mesh like structure ventilation for the dog is unrestricted and unhampered in any way, which is a plus. The durable and longevity of metal dog crates is not in question due to its rugged metal component parts.

However, the slight downside to this is the added weight of the metal. A possible way to mitigate this is to opt for a collapsible option which will ease transportation and optimize space when it is not immediately required. Designers always ensure the metal component parts and handles are coated to guard against corrosion.

Metal dog cages tend to come in size averages like 42L (length) x 28W (width) x 30H (height) inches which makes it the perfect choice for larger sized dogs.

Soft Dog Crates

The various category types of dog cages tend to be defined by, and suited to particular functions, settings and situations. Soft dog crates for instance are ideal for small dogs and puppies. They are very portable and can be set up or folded down when not in use within a very short time. Soft dog crates are designed with a steel frame which encompasses weaved fabric which is mesh like in structure. The disadvantage of this type is that it is delicate and will certainly give way if your dog has a tendency to bite and chew on stuff. Ensure the selection you make is waterproof so it can be easily cleaned and left to dry in the air.

Sizes could range from 18/30 inches (for extremely small dogs like the chihuahua, pug and dachshund) to 36/42 inches (for medium canines like bulldogs, border collies and boxers).

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Aluminum Dog Crates

This category of dog crates have some outstanding features which are major advantages. They are the ideal choice for transportation of your dog by airplanes or by rail. Aluminum dog crates are rugged, durable and are usually designed to be collapsible. In addition to this aluminum dog crates are scratch proof and rust free. They are generally (by and large), IATA approved for air transport. It does tend to be a bit pricey but you will be compensated for that by its long service lifespan. Furthermore, they can accommodate big dogs very easily.

A sample size from 37 inches:

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