Winter Jackets For Dogs

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Winters call for snuggles, staying indoors and cozy winter wear. This applies to our four-legged companions as well! The jacket is one of the most popular options for any winter wardrobe. Jackets are durable, easy to maintain and keep your pooches warm. Waterproof winter jackets for dogs useful in case you encounter a drizzle on your walks.

Buying winter jackets for dogs is by no means a new trend, but if you have never tried it out for your pet before, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Before choosing a winter jacket

Before you buy winter wear for pets online, make a note of your pet’s requirements from this jacket. While warmth is the primary goal, when it comes to buying jackets for dogs, you should also ensure that the design you have looked for is super durable. The fitting is just as important because a size that is too big will cause your pet to trip while a size too small will be too tight and uncomfortable.

The design should be specially made to suit a dog’s body, with the right cuts and preferably with a leash gap as well. If your pet is allergic to any fabrics, check to make sure that the jacket you are considering does not have this material. When it comes to dog jackets, buy online in India to choose from a variety of styles.
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Many pets do not object to wearing jackets as they do feel warmer and much better after. However, it is best to get them familiar with the feeling of a jacket when they are young. Keep clothes on for a short period of time in the beginning and reward your pet while he or she is wearing clothes so that they associate the jacket with a pleasant experience.

The jacket should allow your pet to walk, run and play comfortably. Do not leave it on your pet if the weather becomes warmer. This can cause your dog to overheat. Having jackets that are convenient to slip on and take off will be extremely useful.



Jackets and sweaters often flatten the coat. Leaving them on for too long without brushing your pet’s coat can cause mats in your pet’s fur (especially for long-haired breeds). So remember to take it off at least once a day to let the coat breathe and to brush out the coat. All jackets including fleece jackets for dogs need to be cleaned every now and then. Some jackets can be washed in a machine or by hand, this is a safe option. If you choose to have it dry cleaned, make sure that the cleaners use pet-friendly chemicals.

Winter Warmth

Generally, it is dogs with short coats who require warm winter wear, however, depending on the temperature outside, even longhaired dogs like Shih Tzus may need an extra layer of warmth. Common signs that indicate that your pet is feeling cold include shivering, being less active and preferring to curl up in a ball in a warm corner and a reluctance to go outside.

Senior pets feel the cold more than younger ones, so special care should be taken of them. Make sure that they have a warm bed to sleep in and add a blanket as an extra measure.

Despite their fur coats, dogs can feel the cold. As a rule of thumb, if you are feeling cold and need a sweater, it is likely that your pet feels the same way. Pay close attention to any signs of your pooch behaving unusually, with or without the jacket on.

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